Famous Deaf People

Positive examples and grand achievements of other people that inspire one to fulfill bold dreams are important for any person. In the case of deaf people, the significance of success stories is magnified many times over because people with hearing loss have to overcome many more obstacles in life. And when you see someone who has reached the top and can share their experience, it inspires and gives strength for the realization of the darest tasks.

Famous People Who Conquered the World Without Hearing It

People with hearing impairment have reached heights in all possible areas of human life: sports, medicine, art, education, cinema, and even music. Although their names are widely known, many do not even realize that they are completely or partially deaf.


The name Ludwig van Beethoven is known all over the world, and there is no doubt that our descendants will be in awe of his musical works. At the same time, he created his most grandiose works when he was already completely or partially deaf. The disease of the hearing organs was discovered and began to progress at the age of 26. Despite a desperate struggle to save his hearing, Beethoven completely lost it by the age of 52 but did not stop and continued to delight the world with his masterpieces.


Turning on the lights in their homes every day and, perhaps, even knowing the name of the inventor of the first light bulb, most people don’t realize that Thomas Edison was deaf. Hearing problems began at the age of 12 as a result of frequent middle ear infections, as well as scarlet fever. One ear of the famous inventor became completely deaf, and the other barely heard. However, this drawback only helped him concentrate more on his beloved engineering and give humanity a lot of inventions besides the light bulb:

  • Phonograph
  • Carbon microphone
  • Fluoroscope
  • Tasimeter
  • Kinetoscope
  • Rechargeable battery


Bill Clinton began losing his hearing as an adult and was forced to use a full channel (CIC) hearing aid as a result of his progressive illness. At this time, he was only halfway through his presidential term! But this did not stop him from continuing his work and helping to ensure that other US citizens who have lost their hearing or were born with deafness feel like full members of society.


The art of cinema is very favorable to the deaf since the lack of hearing makes their facial expressions very mobile and bright. Such people express their emotions very easily and can easily imitate any feelings. Many viewers are not even aware of their problems! Here are just two actors who became famous while being deaf:

  • Jane Lynch is a popular comedian and TV series star who is completely deaf in one ear. However, this did not stop her from creating vivid and memorable images in the cinema.
  • Nyle DiMarco – this charming film actor and model has congenital deafness, which was passed on to him from his parents and even earlier generations. His talent allowed him to win the popular TV competition Dancing with the Stars in 2015.

With such powerful examples of deaf people with strong characters, you can boldly move towards your goal. Study their life stories, and you will see how you can emerge victorious even from the most difficult situation.